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Heaven by Great-Escapade Heaven :icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 0 3 Hiding but never going to stop by Great-Escapade Hiding but never going to stop :icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 2 0 The Boy Whom died for Pink by Great-Escapade The Boy Whom died for Pink :icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 0 3
This time we will be better
So it has come for me to die, I could see there was way out anymore this was it I had done my task and the end was here.
Never had I really cried as a vampire but I did at that moment not from sadness but as from the joy of reminding myself of the good person i had been with both lives that id lived.
Taking a few second to get to me, the loud smashing starting and I was scared. This wasn't part of the plan but I did like this. two walls started to crumble and their from the dust stood them both Glenn and Emily it had been too long. They both said the same line and at that moment the trio were back in power. This time we could take them but as I guessed out of no where came their army. I swiftly killed the guy that was sent to put an end to me and doing so I re-joined my siblings.
:icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 1 3
Green Skinny Jeans by Great-Escapade Green Skinny Jeans :icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 0 1
Bad 13th Feb
Saturday 13th Feb 2010 - Worst day of my life!
- Day started stressed and very bored.
- Went round town with The twin
Ended up having a fight with words of the buss
I got off before I did I said 'I hate you.'
I got a buss to my Aunties.... And he went to his mates
Arond 3 40 pm I began to have a sharp pain ponding my head and didnt know why!
The phone rang it was my mum crying saying ''Glenn has been hit b a car, im going to see him not. Stay there tonight.
I lauged at first thought I was in a nightmare but then it hit me so badly I cried soo much!
I thank God everyday That he brung my Twin back from the dead on Feb 14th! So every year I want search for a persent for my loved one. I will spend it with him and make sure he knows How i couldnt live without him
God bless you anyone whom has ever lost anyone close to them. It kinda sucks but we got to find the willingness to move on not meaning forget but live your life for them! <3
:icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 1 5
Ouch by Great-Escapade Ouch :icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 0 19
Dead Note
He gave me the note then ran into the dark. I could guess what this said without brothering. I ripped it open and read it out loud. 'Hello, well I am sorry but we are not working. I have someone else that I have liked for so long. Don't hate me!' I dropped the note to the ground and kept walking. Could he of got that far, I started to make my steps sharper to catch up with him. There he was steadily just walking with no care. He had no knowledge that I was watching him waiting for the perfect moment. It took ages but the moment came He kept looking back knowing now something was following him. I knew where we was, he has gone to our old hide out. I ran and grabbed the gun before he could even process the thought. It was there looking so smooth and un-touched. I cocked it and saw the gun was loaded. I walked slowly towards him. I screeched to make him turn round which he did. He was crying, I felt nothing for him now just pity. I smashed the shotgun into his legs making him fall to his
:icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 2 11
Time Vain
His heart ponding inside his chest try to get free from all this pain. He was still running, he was sweating and his face bright red. Then he legs gave in. He fell to the ground with a thud. He began to cry. The tears raced each other down his pefect face. His eyes bloodshot and shattered. He got back to his feet, looked around then carried on running. He needed to do this so badly but did he really have the heart to finish her life. As he got closer his whole body was getting ready, he started slowing down as he got to her door. It was already open so he invited himself in and searched for her. He found her body, cold and lifeless. His anger died down. He screamed 'Why!' as he throw himself onto her body. Hitting her chest hard and feeling even worse. He saw the gun laying there. She was not killed by anyone but herself. Did she see him coming?
:icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 6 23
Bieber Love
Few years back, I planned to do it. Leave everything to do whats it doing.
Then that day I heard his voice and thats the only thing I needed to live on.
To stay for the angel sent to save me. Lifted me higher and gave me grave but I feel weak and his songs in this space. Your songs are sweet they touch my heart.
I need to touch this angel of mine.
It hurts so much every time I hear his name. My heart yells out but gets no reply.
Soon it will fade into the night sky. Only I need is to take his hand,
feel life for a second then he can lay me down to rest forever knowing that I'd done what I really wanted to.
Love to the angel that was sent to save me and you!
:icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 1 12
Me by Great-Escapade Me :icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 5 2 Emily Carter by Great-Escapade Emily Carter :icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 2 1
3000 Bulletz
[verse 1] Rip up the clouds
Watch It Rain
Dance like a Prince
Like it's never gunna end
Let the raindrops fall
Set your love free
Let your heart dance
Dance with me
[chorus] Save this moment, keep in your heart as we both we pass away within time
love so great, so strong but weak at the root where you couldn't see
the darkness will come one day
Take me away and end it for sure!
[verse 2] Bring out the sun
Make it shine
As bright as your love
and as bright as mine
:icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 1 3
Whishing Nightmare P.2
Brian stepped out onto the balcony and welcomed the cold chill. It was then and only then when the pain slowly kicked in. In shock his body threw itself inside. He quickly curled into a ball. He started to moan about the pain and wishing everything would just stop. How could I not be dead he thought to himself. He wanted to grab the largest piece of glass and force it into his heart but would that stop the pain? would it really stop the secret getting out. If he did that then they would of won and beaten him at what he called his only little game. He lay there not being able to move or speak. Just playing with the sick twisted thoughts that repeated in his head. Maybe some one would come to save me. Take the voices away, Make me better but was there a better? He didn't think he really needed help. His lungs were tired and battered. His eyes could not keep themselves open for much longer. His body so still, motionless. Not reacting to the pain anymore. Had he finally given up or was his
:icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 1 3
Last Breathe
Are they there yet? Please tell me I need to know. I really can't take this much longer. I am going! Justin grabbed his arm and pulled it towards his hip. 'Don't' he said so faint, his voice so perfect. They can't know about our secret yet. Time past and they went. Andrew sat on the floor and started to cry, the tears did not stop until Justin kissed his wet face. He wiped Andrews face and softy said 'I'll tell them soon, I have you now thats all I need' Andrew was still on the floor, He slowly got to his feet and left the room.
Justin sat on his bed wishing it wasn't so hard. Hoping that everyone would take him as he was and the fact he found his soul mate. He took his phone out of his left pocket and turned it on. He waited but there was no message from him yet. All Justin could do was lay there and stare at the celling to the spot where there was a small dent in the shape of a heart.
Later his phone started to ring, his ringtone got louder then he answered it. he said Hello but ther
:icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 2 8
Taxi Please by Great-Escapade Taxi Please :icongreat-escapade:Great-Escapade 4 12

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by Yelnatz

Ever since I saw this within the collection of your unfinished drawings. I fell in love, this has had a spell over me for so long. This...




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Personal Quote: 'Live knowing your gonna die'
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I am in thinking state of mine, with ideas flying through. Trying to create a decent concept to turn it into a shot film. Feeling confident enough that I can easily complete this task.

In a few weeks I will be an uncle!


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